2019-07-19 16:23:21 GMT

Small Delay

We’ll be delaying the release for the Worldline demo slightly. We just need some time to finish a few last-minute changes. We should have a new date shortly.

2019-07-19 16:23:21 GMT

2019-06-24 16:01:50 GMT

I’m happy to announce that we’ll be releasing our demo for Worldline on July 24th, alongside launching our Kickstarter project!


If you’d like to stay up-to-date on any news about the game or our Kickstarter, then check out the newsletter on our website.

2019-06-24 16:01:50 GMT

2018-11-14 00:52:21 GMT

Evolution of Wynne

I thought it might be fun to detail the progress we made on our protagonist, showing off some of the concept art, and eventual in game art that was used, and how it changed over time.

This was the first rendition of Wynne. We were super impressed by Robin’s ability to pick up our ideas so quickly, but we weren’t super impressed with a lack of holes. As my grandma always used to say, “one can never have too many holes.”

The second version of Wynne focused more on correcting the lack of holes. As you can see, three more holes were added…

After we decided we were happy with the amount of holes that we gained, we decided to do one final version before having a sprite drawn for the game itself.

We were super happy with this version of Wynne too, besides the fact that our main pixel artist, Bravely, sent us this sheet with his cloak partially cut off (which he later corrected.)

In order to make up for his egregious mistake, Bravely gave us 19 more versions of Wynne. We were really happy to see him give Wynne some personality via the holes, which made us glad they were added earlier.

Of course, we really felt as we hadn’t punished Bravely enough, so we had him redraw the entire sheet again, and add more, with bit of a new style (which he provided.)

Of course, we’re not going to show off all those right now.

Finally, we had Wynne drawn once again in an effort to make steps towards getting ourselves some cool promotional art. This design was started before the sprite redesign, and finished after. Knowing that he would probably have to re-do the whole thing, Azalenth stopped talking to us, and also stopped drawing altogether, as to prevent any future inconveniences.

2018-11-14 00:52:21 GMT