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Zero Percent Juice is the studio making Worldline. Here's all of the people who worked on the game:

Project Lead
Tezemi is the head honcho who does a lot of the heavy lifting. Pretty much all of Worldline's code was written by him. Alongside that, Tezemi does a little bit of everything else including but not limited to: level design, writing, rewriting his code every couple of weeks, and management.

Project Manager
Spiffy yells at manages other team members. Along with this, Spiffy is Worldline's main writer, and is to blame for most of the stupidly-long Worldline lore documents that no other human will probably ever fully read. It's fun to talk in the third-person.

Alex Hall
Financial & Business Consultant
Alex has handled pretty much everything money related, and helped us with a majority of the financial and business related decisions.

Louis "Braivlii" Iannucci
Pixel Artist
Braivlii is the project's main pixel artist. He is responsible for Worldline's unique look. Braivlii has had a hand in just about every art asset from the UI to character animations.

Christopher "Chrymzon" Mosorjak
Pixel Artist
Christopher helps out Bravely with foreground art assets. He has made a few character sprites and tile sheets. Most importantly, though, he made Pizza Pete's character sprite, so you should worship him.

Eddie Barkman
Graphic Designer
Eddie is a Graphic Designer. He designed the Worldine logo as well as the one for Zero Percent Juice. His other jobs include other graphics projects as well as making this website look good.

Marcus Dewdney
Pixel Artist
Marcus is another pixelslave pixel artist who's ability to mimic Bravely's artstyle won him the prestigious "tactical backup award." We brought him on after we realized we were floundering to meet our production schedule that doesn't actually exist.

Nanashima makes every track that you hear in Worldline. Striking a balance between instrumental and synth, his music is flexible and varied. Don't tell him we're going to make him do a theme for every character. If you'd like to check out the demo's soundtrack, it's right here.

* Not officially a team member, Setz designed the promo art.